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Besides her creativity and expertise as interior architect, Iulia works with many professionals to deliver a complete project.

Interior design

After agreeing to work together, the next step is to have a client meeting to discuss the project brief. In this part Iulia will find out what are the client’s wishes and needs and what is the budget that will be invested to have a realistic guide for interior design.

It’s important as well that the client shows Iulia some images with interiors, he/she likes, to discover the style and direction interior design will take.

In the interior design process, the space will be measured to create accurate 2D plans and 3 visual renderings.

Architectural plans

Technical architectural plans include:

  • electrical drawings, with the positioning of the lights and sockets. 
  • sanitary plans with the positioning of the plumbing, warm and cold water, drainage; positioning of the faucets, showers, bathtubs, spa areas, special bathroom and kitchen accessories, radiators.

Depending on the scope of the project, special technical plans will be delivered such as ISU/PSI authorization (Fire Protection and Safety) and MLPTL verification.

Project execution

A well-designed project must be guided by its creator, the interior architect such as:

  • Checking construction site 
  • Offering technical support for constructors
  • Asking offers from suppliers 
  • Visiting suppliers with the client
  • Placing orders for the client 
  • Checking deliveries for the client 
  • Guiding suppliers for furniture assembly by providing them with technical information