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She is a professional interior architect born in Bucharest, Romania. 

In 2012, Iulia founded Inspired Design studio and since then she has created interior projects for Dutch Ambassador in Bucharest, Hilton Athenee Palace Hilton, Novotel in Bucharest, and Geta Voinea. She has designed as well private residences and apartments in Romania and in the Netherlands.

Iulia loves to create the interior design of monumental buildings and to revive them with care.

“Every old building has a story and a past, sometimes mysterious. This intrigues me to discover more about the project I work on. Before starting the design concept, I like first to analyze the site, the materials of interior and exterior, who created the building, who lived there, who owned it and so on. 

After, I connect the story of the house with the wishes of the client, I merge all creative ideas while keeping the soul of the building alive. Basically, I add more story to the house in a careful manner. The work for such a project takes way longer than to design a normal house. It takes a lot of passion, knowledge, and trained people to have a very good result. 

When creating this type of projects, we talk about character and long-lasting design. High quality materials and finishes, furniture, lamps, and blinds. But also, well trained constructors, suppliers and craftsmen are involved.”