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Stylish Smart Home Apartment

The apartment is located in Bucharest, has 145 square meters with 5 rooms, and is intended for a family with three daughters. The apartment was taken over in its raw state, and the electrical and plumbing installations were completely redesigned according to the interior design project.

The apartment is a smart home, featuring integrated smart locks, thermostats in each room, video cameras, integrated audio system, electric curtains, smart appliances, and intelligent LED lighting in the bathroom.

The overall atmosphere of the interior is warm, welcoming, and elegant, just as the client desired. Iulia opted for soft pastel tones of powdered pink, beige, plum violet, peach, and light gray. Surfaces alternate between glossy, reflective ones and matte textile ones to create a balanced visual and acoustic effect.

The interiors of the rooms benefit from plenty of natural and artificial light, so in the evenings, the lights can be adjusted according to the desired atmosphere: warm, indirect lighting for a relaxing evening, or cooler lights for a more energetic ambiance.

Currently, the family enjoys their new home and is very satisfied with the interior design result.