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Sleek Noir House

Located in the city of Giurgiu, this newly constructed 380 sqm house was taken over in its red stage, allowing all the client’s wishes to be realized, including a large and open kitchen with a generous island, a spa room on the ground floor featuring an integrated Jacuzzi, sauna, and fitness equipment, as well as a wine cellar in the basement.

The desired atmosphere was contemporary with clean lines and bold natural tones. This can be observed through colors such as dark grays, carbon black, deep browns, and golden and silver metallic accents.

Natural materials such as marble, granite, and wood predominate. The bathrooms are entirely made of ceramic with XXL tiles, the upstairs flooring is made of eco-friendly natural wood, the walls are adorned with both decorative panels and wallpaper, and the paint used is of premium quality.

The kitchen is crafted from solid wood with a natural stone countertop. In this project, it was also proposed to clad the facade and terraces with natural stone. In addition to the generous interior space, the house also boasts a large garden where a swimming pool and a dining area for guests will be constructed.