Fraud Blocker

Glamour Serenity House

The interior design was meant to reflect the client’s desires, aiming for a glamorous, attractive, comfortable, and easy-to-maintain ambiance.

The ground floor features a spacious kitchen with a four-seat breakfast island, ample cooking facilities, and various built-in appliances. The combination of navy blue and milk-white tones in the kitchen furniture creates a cozy yet sophisticated atmosphere.

The living area connects seamlessly with the dining room in an open space layout, and the dining area is conveniently located next to the kitchen for efficient meal service.

The curved and organic shapes of the open space furniture lend fluidity to the space and make it more inviting, while the lighting fixtures draw attention, providing an elegant and contemporary touch to the interior.

On the ground floor, there is also a spacious office, while the bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper floors are designed with shades of corten and black marble.